Success stories

getting accepted

A mom tried to find affordable care for her two adult children. She went to a health fair sponsored by her husband's employer and interviewed every insurance representatives there. She quickly realized that no insurance companies would accept her son due to existing health condition. This information help convinced her son to accept a job with health insurance benefits immediately. She also asked her husband's Human Resource Department for a referral to a knowledgeable insurance agent to get insurance for her daughter. She was able to make the right insurance choice for her adult children by tapping into the right network and doing her research.

getting accepted

A professional man was suddenly forced to buy health insurance on his own due to change in his employment. He realized that he would have difficulty getting his insurance application approved due to less than ideal health condition. Undaunted, he interviewed lots of insurance agents and solicited advice and feedback from many friends and their extended social circles. As he became more educated about the approval process, he realized that different insurance companies had different underwriting guidelines - some plans had more relaxed standards accepting applicants like him. These insights enabled him to construct precise answers to questions on his applications regarding his daily medications, health conditions, etc. He was able to obtain coverage he needed quickly at a reasonable cost.

getting your claims paid

A professional woman tried to help her parents living in another city to appeal a claim denied by a large insurance company. She contacted her friends who worked in the insurance industry to figure out requirements for claim appeals. She appealed her parent's case unsuccessfully the firs time. As she kept appealing the claim to higher authorities, the government's insurance regulatory agency unexpectedly joined the claim appeal process and ruled the case in favor of member's appeal. This devoted daughter was relieved to learn that her parents would no longer have to pay the disputed claim as a result.