Stories About Kaiser

Jerry - (Modesto, California)

My doctor asked me to see him for special instructions before my colonoscopy. Aetna refused to pay even though the insurance policy is supposed to cover preventive services. So, I am on the hook for seeing my doctor to fully understand the instructions on how to eat orange jello before my colonoscopy... Read More

amanda - (San francisco, california)

"We chose Kaiser HMO because of cost and accessibility. The company owner and I collaborated when researching a variety of health insurance plans, and this specific plan was the best mix of affordable cost for the company owner, low co-pay for employees, and reasonable deductibles for yearly costs... Read More

Survey Findings About Kaiser

According to eChoiceAdvisor surveys, Kaiser seems to inspire intense mixed reactions from consumers. Satisfied members like Kaiser's comprehensive coverage, no claims requirement, easy online access, low cost and value for coverage.

Dissatisfied members dislike "clinic like" setting for medical care, lack of stable relationships with medical providers, limited specilaist selection, and restrictions on accessing providers outside of Kaiser's local network.

Table 1: % Members Dissatisfied with Kaiser Plan Features

Out of Network Care 22%
Specialist Care 21%
Customer Service 16%
Provider Network 10%
Costs 5%
Communications 5%
Products & Services 0%
Claims Processing N/A
Claims Resolution N/A


Source: 2011 eChoiceAdvisor Survey with 198 respondents in San Francisco Bay area

featured comments

matt - (sacramento, california)

"We chose Kaiser for basic care through husband's employer. Extent of coverage, trust in quality care, convenience, cost only use offered. "

felix - (moraga, california)

"Offered at work We chose Kaiser HMO because of ease of access to doctors and good lab testing. "