Stories About Blue Shield

Jerry - (Modesto, California)

My doctor asked me to see him for special instructions before my colonoscopy. Aetna refused to pay even though the insurance policy is supposed to cover preventive services. So, I am on the hook for seeing my doctor to fully understand the instructions on how to eat orange jello before my colonoscopy... Read More

amanda - (San francisco, california)

"We chose Kaiser HMO because of cost and accessibility. The company owner and I collaborated when researching a variety of health insurance plans, and this specific plan was the best mix of affordable cost for the company owner, low co-pay for employees, and reasonable deductibles for yearly costs... Read More

Survey Findings About Blue Shield

According to eChoiceAdvisor surveys, Blue Shield of California seems to provide a strong provider network. Members like Blue Shield's coverage for selected medical services (i.e., OB/Gyn, immumization, etc.) and prescription drug coverage.

Areas of member dissatisfaction seem to cluster around cost, pre-authorization requirement for starting new treatments (i.e., prenatal care) and referral process for getting specialist care.

Table 1: % Members Dissatisfied with Blue Shield Plan Features

Costs 21%
Out-of-network care 21%
Claims resolution 14%
Communications 13%
Claims processing 13%
Specialist care 11%
Customer service 11%
Products & services 6%
Provider network 0%


Source: 2011 eChoiceAdvisor Surveys with 198 respondents from San Francisco Bay Area

featured comments

Silvie - (Martinez, california)

"We dislike Blue Shield. We need prior authorization for everything, including care for pregnancy. Too many hoops and steps."

PAUL - (concord, california)

"I wished I could get referrals more easily using Blue Shield HMO. I like the paperless filing with my health service plan. Wish the out of network coverage was better. "