Anthem/Blue Cross

Choice of Doctors


  • Good selection of medical providers within (HMO or PPO) network and out-of-network
  • Self-referable access to specialist care (PPO)
  • Primary Care Physician
  • Little Paperwork
  • Choice of Doctors with good preventive care
  • Good Coverage for Routine Care
  • Reasonable premium and co-pay
  • Customer Service
  • Good for Catastrophic Hospitalization


  • high cost (i.e., high deductible and high co-pay)
  • Premium Increase
  • Lack of comprehensive coverage compared to Aetna (May not cover 100% of costs)
  • Does not cover dental, homeopathy, etc.
  • Limited Access to providers and facilities
  • Help for people with severe health problems is poor

Member Comments

"We like Blue Cross PPO for good coverage. "

"We like Blue Cross PPO - it covers most everything."

"Blue Cross HMO is fine. I wish I could self-refer of course. "

"We dislike Blue Cross PPO - it costs too much. "

"We like Blue Cross PPO - choices for self referrals."

"We like Blue Cross HMO for the coverage it provides. "

"We dislike Blue Cross PPO because the deductibles are high. "

"We dislike Blue Cross PPO - it's expensive."

"We are happy with Blue Cross PPO with all so far. "

"We dislike Blue Cross HMO - it does not cover 100% of routine visits. "

"We dislike Blue Cross PPO - dentists are not preferred so it's expensive. "

"Blue Cross PPO is OK. "

"We like Blue Cross HMO - services are through a PCP to coordinate and understand health history better. "

"We dislike Blue Cross PPO for being so expensive. "

"We dislike Blue Cross EPO (affiliated with State funded Healthy Families) for limited access to facilities and MDs who take it. "

"We like Blue Cross HMO - little paperwork, choice of practitioners, good preventative care. "

"We dislike Blue Cross HMO for being so controlling. "

"We dislike Blue Cross PPO - it covers one visit per year and high deductible. "

"We like Blue Cross PPO because it makes it easy to make appointments with different doctors. "

"We dislike Blue Cross PPO - high deductible and high co-pay."

"We like Blue Cross PPO because it is easy."

"We dislike Blue Cross PPO for high deductible for office visits to specialists."

"We dislike Blue Cross PPO - coverage has gotten less and less, and cost has risen."

"We save more money with Anthem Blue Cross than using Kaiser. "

"We dislike Blue Cross HMO - deductible is to high. We would also prefer the cost to be less. "

"We like Blue Cross/Blue Shield - no deductible, don't need referrals, and great coverage. "

"We dislike Blue Cross HMO for not enough locations. "

"I like Blue Cross Anthem HRA because it does not require co-pays on visits."

"I like Blue Cross PPO for good network and good Blue coverage across country. "

"I like Blue Cross PPO fine.'

"Blue Cross PPO does not cover well for sick care. The deductible is very high. "

"We don't like Blue Cross PPO because of its high deductible. "

"Blue Cross has great doctors within network knowing what I will pay for each test/visit in advance rather than a certain %."

"Blue Cross of Illinois is great, but the California side is hard to deal with."

"I dislike being forced to choose a network physician. I wish it covered homeopathy. "

"No problems with it."

"Dislikes: dental (previous dentis not in the plan). Annual deductibles. Likes: PPO and co-pay is reasonable. I like the greater choice of providers, both in-network and out-of-network, and no requirement for a primary care provider referral for an appointment with a specialist, though I have greater personal costs when I use an out-of-network provider. "

"Premiums are too high for the benefits that we require . Because this is a small group plan with guaranteed enrollment the insurance company applies a rate adjustment factor of 10% additional for me to participate, even though our claims history is very light. "